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Andrea Soler performs at the Blue Mountains Music Festival

Love at First Sight – Falls Fest 2014

New album in the making…

Hello friends,

Well 2014 has started off with a sha-bang… We played at the inaugural Falls Festival in Byron Bay which saw in the new year. Since then I’ve been plotting and planning a new album for later in the year. It’s been four years since I got on a jet plane and headed into The Sonic Kitchen Studios in Dorset, UK to lay down the tracks for my debut album ‘Earth On an Axis’. It was such an amazing learning experience working with legendary producer Alan ‘Big Al’ Hill (who previously worked at Abbey Road Studios in London). We worked together to bring life and soul to fourteen tracks, and to create something that I’m still proud of today.

andrea_crowdfunding pic

So the time has come to gather my swag of songs and create a new snapshot of moments from my travels, inspirations, connections and people watching. Some of the songs include ‘Wild Horse Mountain’ (written for my brother), ‘Dusty Broken Windows’ (inspired by love and loss), Sycamore Tree (a song about one of my heroes, Joni Mitchell), and ‘Tin Can Radio’ (a tune from on the road).

To make this album a reality, I am going to launch a crowd funding campaign where friends, fans and family (that means YOU!) can pre-order the album, and also choose to receive rewards like a double ‘Live from the UK’ album recorded last year, t shirts, house concerts, and many more goodies…so, watch this space!